- General Repairs and Maintenance to both Hardware and Operating System

( windows or Mac based systems )

- Virus and Bug removals

- Lost Data Recovery

- Free Advice

- Free Estimates


- General Hardware Upgrades ( Where Applicable )

- Adding additional Clients to existing networks 


- SOHO ( Small Office - Home Office )

- Networking ( full server systems with security protocols or simple resource sharing workgroups )

- Internet Sharing

- Wireless or Wired Networking ( Secure or Access points )


The (Not so) Small Print:

- We never Snoop! Or inspect your private files, save for removal of Bugs. Your Data is safe with us, thatís a PROMISE !

- Usual repair turnarounds, are 48 hours ( assuming all parts, if any, are available ).

- Small repairs up to £30, will be automatically carried out, this is to save time. We do not have a minimum charge !

- You shall be consulted, should we believe that the repair cost exceeds £30.

- We reserve the right to delete or uninstall files or programs, that we believe are either Virus ( Bugs ), Spyware or Trojan, or infected with one ( or more ) of the aforementioned nasties, and interfere with the normal operation of your computer.

- All HARDWARE repairs carry a 90 day warranty on parts replaced (return to base). Hardware manufacturer direct warranties, are not affected.

- Unfortunately we can not offer any warranty on software repairs, as this is in the nature of the Beast ! a fully functioning computer , can be brought to a halt, by a careless operator, installing lots of spyware and infecting it with Viruses in a few hours.
We naturally will put right, any computer developing a fault as a result of our actions, if reported to us within 14 days.

- We can not be held responsible for loss of data. Please back-up all your important data before you submit your equipment, or ask for help.