- Things you should know about Data Retrievals -

( Lost Data Recovery )

Data is usually kept on a Hard-Disk in a computer system. It can also be kept on Flash memory Devices , CD's or removable storage such as floppy disks. For our purpose we shall concentrate on data retrieval from Hard-Disks. You should always keep your important data backed up, on another hard-Disk or optical media , such as CD's or DVD's. never use Floppy disks or Flash Memory Devices as back up devices, as these type of media are prone to data corruption.

When you delete a certain file or piece of data from your your Hard-Disk, your operating system would simply move the said file, into your recycle bin. When you empty your recycle bin, your files are not physically deleted yet, they are only marked for deletion, this means that the physical space on the Hard-Disk that they had occupied are available for grabs! even at this stage the data can be recovered provided that you wouldn't do any of the following :

- run scandisk or checkdisk

- continue working with your computer

- defrag your Hard-Disk

- install or uninstall software

indeed the best thing to do is shutdown ( NOT Hibernate ! ) the computer, do not turn on again, and bring your computer or your hard-disk to us. Make a note of the name of the deleted file(s), for future reference.

- Under what circumstances, can I expect my lost data to be reasonably recovered ?

If your Hard-Disk has not physically failed and you have not done any of the above, then you have a good chance, that your lost data is still intact and can be retrieved,

What deletes the files for good, is when another data is recorded on the sector ( space ), in which the files occupied originally. If you continue to use your computer, and write to your hard-Disk, then that is the end of the line! your computer starts to write over the data in order of deletion, the sooner you stop using your computer the better your chances.!

- I have partitioned and formatted my hard-drive, can you still recover my old files?

Yes, but see above, regarding what you should do.

- I have forgotten my account password in Windows XP, but I need my files?

We can retrieve your files, provided you have not encrypted them.

- How much will it cost?

It differs from job to job, we give free estimates, so you will know from the outset how much you will be paying. As a guide line, an average recovery costs from mere £ 30 to £ 100.



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Nov 2004