We intend to remain open during these harsh times to provide service. We hope to stay open as per normal hours whenever possible.

There shall be however, strict terms observed, to protect ourselves and our costumers.

-      The terms are displayed on the front door, you need to read and agree to them, and only then knock on the window for us to open the door.
The terms may have to change as we go on.

They are basically:

-       Please do not touch anything specially the counter or place anything on it until you are asked to.

-       Explain the problem verbally, there is no need for 'let me show you', we are professionals and understand.

-       Once asked , place your equipment on the paper we provide , write your name, contact number and any login passwords on the paper.

-       Your computer surfaces will have to be disinfected before we could touch it.

-       We shall repair your computer in order of arrival, then contact you on the number you provided , there would be no waiting in the shop.

-       We shall disinfect your computer once again and place it in a sealed bag before you collect it.

-       All computers brought in for repair, regardless of repair status shall incur a one-off charge of £10 for the extra precautions and

-       disinfection only while the epidemic is on, we shall go back to No repair No fee afterwards.